Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Dash and Nikki and the Jellybean Game


Dash and Nikki awake to colorful balloons with an intriguing note attached. So begins a challenging day with an end goal of JELLYBEANS!


Their parents challenged them play the jellybean game. In playing the game, Dash and Nikki learned how to earn more and more jellybeans. The game was to last all day with the possibility to acquire lots of the candy – or perhaps not!


While playing the game, Dash and Nikki learned some important lessons. Delayed gratification, impatience, jealousy, compassion, negotiation, and teamwork came into play throughout the day as they played the jellybean game. Were they successful?

Anthony Delauney and his Family

Author Anthony C. Delauney has written a sweet story in rhyme for elementary readers. Dash and Nikki and the Jellybean Game is a springboard into some good discussions between parents or teachers and their children. It would be a good story to pair with Aesop’s fable, The Grasshopper and the Ant, to discuss the similarities. Upper elementary students can be helped to see how this story about jellybeans relates to finances and how valuable saving for the future can be.

Chiara Civati, Illustrator

Italian Chiara Civati created pastel drawings that nicely complement the story. The drawings of the character are quite expressive.


How Dash  and Nikki fare with the game?  You'll have to read the story and see.