Monday, October 19, 2020

You're Pulling My Leg! Junior


          Allen Wolf, a bit of a game nut, created a board game for a couple of his friends. The game, You’re Pulling My Leg!, was popular enough that a Junior was spawned.  Now these two entertaining games have morphed into book formats that are perfect to use in our Covid age.

            Wolf is an award-winning game creator.  The kids’ version, You’re Pulling My Leg! Junior has won several awards as well.  It has benefits beyond mere entertainment, including developing interpersonal and storytelling skills, developing positive relationships, promoting positive self-esteem, and encouraging higher-level thinking.

    The goal of the game is to be the first player to score 21 points by correctly voting on whether players are telling truthful stories or not and by tricking players with the stories you tell.  The book has 74 pages of “cards” to use for playing the game.  Each card has three topics for the storyteller to choose from to tell a story.  A flip of a coin lets the storyteller know whether to tell a truthful tale or a  whopper.  Players vote of whether they think the story told was fact or fabrication.  Wild cards are          occasionally tucked in to add interest as players can gain or lose points.

   You can enjoy this game with two or more people, with your family at home, on road trips, or camping.  Grab your phone or laptop and play it with a friend online.  You can also play it, socially distanced of course, with larger groups of friends.  Be prepared for lots of laughs!

    Check out the author, Allen Wolf here.  He not only has created five board games, but he writes novels and is an award-winning film maker. Get a copy here and start playing.

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