Thursday, March 26, 2020

Lines and Circles Art Activity

Here is a fun art activity for your children that uses the same small muscles as when writing.  So, this is a painless way to practice penmanship as well!   All you need is paper and something to draw/write with.

Use notebook paper or draw parallel lines on plain paper. Draw a circle that touches the top and bottom line.  Draw the next circle, touching the first as well as the top and bottom lines.  The object is to make the drawings as round as possible and spacing carefully so they don’t overlap or leave gaps.  Have them adjust the size of the circles until s/he can get it.  That might mean using a single, double, or triple line space, whichever is easier.

Next try some wavy lines and vary the sizes of circles drawn.  Your child can use an ink pen, colored pencils, crayons, or markers for variations.  Move on to ovals or lines that weave back and forth.  

When finished, color in the shapes in patterns of their favorite colors.  They can even draw all kinds of patterns in the circles.

Check your children’s pencil grip while they are working.  Help them learn to hold their pencil correctly.  This will prevent their hand tiring when they have a writing assignment.  

If they like this kind of art project, they may want to try their hand at decorating their initials or the letters in their name.  They can freehand a fat outline or print out large letters, using a fat outline font, like ColorFont, Vinnie Boomba or Toyland NF.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Hand Washing Song


Little kids and germy hands go together like peanut butter and jelly.  We all know hand washing is immensely important for deterring the creeping crud of various kinds.  


Have you ever watched a young child wash hands?  Here are the steps:  1. Start the water running.  2. Get a big handful of soap.  3. Scrub hands together under the running water.   4. Fling the water everywhere.  5. Dry hands--or not.


They don't even realize they haven't really cleaned their hands thoroughly.  Maybe no one has ever taken the time to teach them how to do it properly.  We can't assume they'll catch on to it on their own.  Below is a cornball song I wrote to help them learn to do it well.  It goes to the tune of "Clementine."


Hand Washing Song

                     Get the dirt off.  Scrub the germs off.
                     I know how to get hands clean.
                     First I wet them.  Then I soap them.
                     Then begin to get them clean.
                     I scrub the top side of my left hand.
                     Next I scrub the right side’s top.
                     Rub and rub your palms together
                     When they’re clean, it’s time to stop.
                     I scrub between each of my fingers
                     While my palm is facing down.
                     Turn them over.  Do the same thing,
                     With the top side facing down.
                     Now it’s time to clean my fingernails.
                     Scrub around them with my thumb.
                     Rinse the soap off and then dry them.
                     Hands are clean, and I am done. 
                                                                                                     ©Jill E. Steeley, A Little Red Wagon