Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Since it's still the birthday season for Laura Ingalls Wilder, here's some trivia you may or may not know about her.

What states did LIW live in?
    Wisconsin (twice), Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, South 

How many siblings did she have?  4
    Carrie, Mary, Charles Frederick, Grace
Laura (standing) with sisters, Carrie (far left) and Mary

What was her lifespan?    90 years   2/7/1867 – 3/10/1957
Mansfield Cemetery in Mansfield, Missouri

How tall was LIW?  4’11”

How many children did Laura and Almonzo have?
   Two: Rose was named for the wild roses that bloomed on the 
         A baby boy they didn’t name was born, but he died soon 
         after his birth.
Rose was a journalist and publicist.

Did LIW write anything beside the Little House series?
    Yes. She was a columnist and later editor of the Missouri Ruralist 
    newspaper.  She wrote an article for McCall’s magazine.

How old was LIW when her first novel, Little House in the Big Woods, was published?                      
    66 years old

What genre were the Little House books?
    Historical Fiction, rather than strictly autobiographical

Who helped LIW with her books? 
    Her daughter, Rose, encouraged her to write her experiences 
    down.  Historians disagree on the
    extent to which Rose assisted her mother, Laura, with her writing.

Did LIW win a Newbery Medal for any of her Little House books?
    No, but was 5 times a runner-up.