Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our Students Are Beaming!


The main building of our elementary school was a WPA project built in 1938.  Many decades ago it housed the entire district in that one building.  A "modern" building was built adjacent to the original one in the '70s.


Many memories surround the old Central School, located in the heart of downtown Coweta.  It's  difficult for many to see the old building torn down, but it's such a moldy oldie, it's beyond renovation.


Now a new building is being built on the playground in front of the old ones.  We're hoping they are able to hold to the builder's projected end date of mid May. Then the two old buildings will be demolished during the summer.

The builder set out a beam on which all the students, staff members, and faculty signed their names.  Below are pictures of the beam after it was installed. 

You can see our old building in the background.


I'm sure our current students will someday tell their own children about that beam.