Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I should say RE-construction.  The reason for it is also the reason I haven't had a new post in fOrEveR.  On September 23 I came home from school to find my water heater had broken and flooded the bedrooms.  The restoration company came out and ripped out the wet carpets.  Then they did nothing.  Three weeks of nothing despite my continuing barrage of phone calls.   My final call was to fire them.


Then I called a different company.  Because I wasn't in the initial stages of disaster, they didn't rush out and start packing and moving my furniture and stuff out.  About a week and a half later, that process began at last.  After a couple more delays, they finally finished clearing the house.  


Meanwhile, my flooring guy was ready to go to work replacing all the damaged floors.  However, because the house wasn't emptied, he couldn't do the floors.  He needed to move on to another job.  About a month after he should have been able to start, thanks to the do-nothing company, he was finally able to start tiling.


Thankfully, the floors are nearing completion but other repairs remain to be done.  I've been living in a hotel for over a week now and am ready to be done with this situation.   Until I get back to semi-normalcy, I probably won't be posting here.


Hope your school year is going well.  Thankfully, my time at school is much more pleasant.