Monday, February 16, 2015

Science Monday

Linking science to literature is a good way to teach.  So many books are available to help you do this.  You want to make sure your young students understand, however, just because it's in a book, it may not be a true fact.  This can lead to some time spent researching, fact checking, and verifying.


Joanna Cole's The Magic School Bus series is fact-filled fun for students to read the text, peruse the sidebars, and scan the pictures while learning science.  Because of all the sidebar information and comic-book type comments in the graphics, however, it's not the best choice for a read-aloud, in my opinion.

Seymore Simon's books are a wonderful addition to your classroom library.  He writes nonfiction books as well as fiction stories on a wide variety of science topics.  A few of his books are in Spanish.

  The Mighty Ants and Other Cases

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin wrote a children's book about his experiences as part of the Apollo.  It will appeal to students from first to fourth grades.

Reaching for the Moon   

Sparrow by Sara Pennypacker tells the true Chinese story about what happened when the food chain was disrupted.  Primary students will enjoy this book.


There are many more books that can supplement your science program.  Please list your favorites below.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Alicia Thompson, you won the book, Mom Made Use Write This in the Summer!!  What a fun read to add to your classroom library!

Wordless Picture Books

I've been grading the wordless book card assignment for the children's literature course I am teaching this semester at Oral Roberts University.  This is such a fun corner of the picture book world.  I have numerous favorites, and there are so many ways to use the them in the classroom.  And not JUST with prek -1st grade students.

Broadly, this genre includes completely wordless and almost wordless books.  Here are a few of my favorites:  Deep in the Forest by Brinton Turkle - a fun twist on the Goldilocks story; Peter Spier's Noah's Ark - a wonderfully detailed account of the flood of Genesis;

Tuesday by David Weisner - What an imagination that guy has!  




Alexandra Day created a series of books about the very responsible Rottweiler, Carl,   including Good Dog, Carl 

Emily Arnold McCully's Picnic - the lost is found.  (Click the links to learn a little about these authors.)

 I could go on and on listing wordless books I love.  I would rather hear your picks.  Please leave a comment below listing your favs.