Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

6 for Saturday

Can anyone relate to how busy the days are lately?  It seems no matter how busy I get, I always manage to squeeze in a few minutes here and there for the stress reliever called Pinterest!

Here are this week's treasures:

Kids  craft

These could be fashioned to use with stories for retelling purposes.  What fun!  I hadn't seen this site before.

DYI playdough/balloon stress ball 

This may work for my kiddos that fidget or need tactile/kinesthetic release.  I've often seen pictures of the flour-filled kind, but would hate to see the result if a child got too rambunctious. Check out the tutorial.  Posters suggested double ballooning them to last longer.  Rice or peas can be another filler.




Can't wait for my Learning Gardeners to try this out!  There's a tutorial here.





Four berry jam that is perfect for celebrating the holiday. I love it from the beginning of November clear through December!

Four berry jam that is perfect for celebrating the holiday.

Sounds yummy!  Gonna try this.


Great idea to prepare for testing!

Build independence by training students to do this.

Read the whole post where this anchor chart is found.   

Turn your old ironing board into garden art like this

Turn your old ironing board 
into garden art like this.
 This one made me laugh!


Leave your link here if you post your Pinterest favs for this week.  We'd all love to peek.



Saturday, November 16, 2013

6 for Saturday

Before Saturday is over, I better get busy posting a half a dozen of my favorite pins of this week.

Nothing beats an old watering can! 

I love rustic things like this.  More cute ideas can be found on this delightful site

I've been thinking about creative ways for my kids to get the "wiggles" out, especially BOYS. :) Once we learn about verbs, maybe have a huge selection of fun action verbs (like the ones here) for the kids to choose to act out, maybe even as a prize for being good.

My 2ndies will enjoy this verb activity.  See it at  Miss Cordingly's blog

My Virtual Garden: Mosaiculture Exhibition

Montreal: Mosaiculture Exhibition       

You must go to this site to see some amazing garden  creatures.

This is worth a try!!  

CLOG-LESS GLUE~ Try this tip to keep students glue bottles from clogging up with hardened glue so often. Remove all lids, soak in cooking oil, rinse, and replace. Done!

Christmas snowmen - battery operated candle 

I might make these for student gifts.  I've picked up some dollar tree candles 3 for $1.

Accommodating Students with Dyslexia

These suggestions are good for all students as well.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Slow with Stanley

I've been slow in getting these Flat Stanley shots posted.  Looks like he had a great time with a couple of my boys.

Of course with this first pair you'll have to lie down to appreciate them.  How do you fix that?  

Mickey & Friends

It's a good think Stanley was there for a rescue!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Seed Packets

Top half of Power Partner Seed Packet

Bottom half of Power Partner Seed Packet

We call our Read to Someone time Power Partners.  Read to Self we call Power Reading.

Many thanks to the creative teachers who don't mind sharing their ideas on Pinterest!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

6 for Saturday - Join In!!

I found so many good pins this week. 

When you have over 40 years worth of archives, storage is always an issue.  I found this useful pin at Kindergarten Schmindergarten.  Vanessa has lots of good classroom pictures on this post.


Wouldn't it be fun to have a flock of these fact family birds on an interactive bulletin board?  Check out Cara's blog, The First Grade Parade, where this critter roosts.

fact families 

I'm always on the lookout for games for my math garden.  This one I found on Renee's blog, Grade One Reading Corner.


Everyone needs lots and lots of different ways to practice plain old flashcards to ingrain those basic facts.  The clever idea is on Jessica's blog, First Grade Nest.

flash cards in a mini photo album-teacher tipster                                 

Saw Lee Reich on a gardening show on TV, giving a tour of his weedless garden.  I was so intrigued with his techniques, I ordered his book.


Isn't this just adorable?  Caramel dipping sauce with a selection of crisp apples.  Of course you'd need to dip your apple slices in 7-Up and drain them before arranging them on the plate. Check out Jo and Sue.

 Now go post your 6 for Saturday. Then come  back here and link up your post so all my Wagoneers and Wagon Watchers can enjoy your pins!