Monday, November 15, 2021

StarPassage: Cyber Plague

At long last I got a chance to read another one of my favorite young adult author’s books!  Cyber Plague is the fourth in Clark Burbidge’s paranormal StarPassage trilogy. His series is aimed at readers aged 9-18, but readers older than that will be drawn in with the believability and suspense of his stories.

This newest book does not disappoint. Characters Callie and her twin sister Courtney are now the keepers of the Star of Passage after they found it at a strange antique shop. Thinking it was an old Christmas ornament, they planned to clean it up and gift it to their mother. However, after Callie had a strange dream about a long-ago Native American teen who found a star very similar to the one the twins now possessed, she and her sister realized what they had was no ordinary decoration.

A noticeable difference in this book compared to the others in the series is the fact the passages the characters go on are forward in time. Tocho, the Native American, lived in a time long before white settlers had come into the Northwest to live. His discovery of a mysterious star high up at the point where two trees crossed pulled him into a distant future, our time, with many new dangers.

Burbidge keeps the reader riveted with a high level of tension throughout the story. The amount of research it must have taken to make this story so realistic is impressive. Because the passages are set in the future but near our time, the reader can readily relate to the events as they unfold. Years ago, when I read Lois Lowry’s The Giver, I continued to mull over the events in that book long after I read it. Cyber Plague has impacted me the same way because the frightening things the characters witnessed during their passages could very well happen in our real future.

As in his previous books, he has developed the characters well. Callie and Courtney returned from book three. Mike was in books two and three and plays in important role in this fourth episode. Together with Tocho, they worked as a team to stay alive while dodging Horst and the Trackers, avoiding a mind-altering cyber plague and the people who have been infected, and more. Grab a copy and prepare to be transported!

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Author, Clark Rich Burbidge

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  1. So excited that there's another StarPassage book! Great review!!