Saturday, October 9, 2021



Normally, I post about learning activities and books for kids.  Today I'm going to post a recipe for something tasty I thing your kids and you will enjoy.

I’ve known my friend Becky for nearly 50 years when we began teaching together.  Retired now, she was an amazing teacher.  I had her daughter in my first grade class, and she was my son’s second grade teacher. 


One of her hobbies garnered her many ribbons at the Tulsa State Fair over the years.  She entered her candies, cakes, and canned homegrown vegetables.  She’s a marvel in the kitchen! 


Thankfully, she generously shared a few of her recipes with me.  The one below makes a fluffy frosting that never hardens.  It takes a little longer to prepare than a regular buttercream icing, but it’s a family favorite at my house.  Perhaps you’ll love it as well.


Becky’s Icing                       


Cook slowly to a thick paste then set aside.

                   ½ milk                           3 T. flour

Beat at high speed for 15 minutes:                 

½ c. sugar                      ½ c. margarine  

½ c. shortening             1 t. vanilla

Add flour mixture a spoonful at a time and beat 15 minutes longer.  Ice your cake or cupcakes and enjoy.

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