Monday, November 23, 2020

I Miss You Most

            This crazy Covid world has turned our lives upside down.  Play dates, family get-togethers, school, parties, even shopping looks quite different than it used to.  It’s hard for us to conceive how much things have changed over the last nine months.  Imagine what this change looks like in a child’s eyes. 

            Author Cassie Hoyt was reflecting on this very thing as she watched her preschooler try to understand why he couldn’t see his grandparents.  This sad situation sparked the idea for I Miss You Most.

            In this charming story the little boy uses his imagination to overcome his loneliness.  Instead of missing his grandparents and friends, he imagines all kinds of fun adventures he would be doing with them. He narrates this story in rhyme.

            The colorful, full-page illustrations are by Stefanie St.Denis.  I love how she drew characters of different races, so all children can see themselves in the story.

            If you are looking for a book to help a 4- to 8-year-old through a separation, like a deployment, a move, Covid restrictions, or a loved one’s hospitalization, this is the one.  Early childhood teachers, you’ll will want to have this in your classroom library to share in-person or with your distance students.  Check out the activity pages on Hoyt's website.


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