Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Author Kat Kronenberg has crafted a story of encouragement for children. The third book in her LIVE BIG trilogy, THINK BIG, takes the reader to the wilds of east Africa again.  The animals were faced with a series of challenges brought on by a lightning strike that set the savanna on fire.  Each animal had to connect its head and heart and overcome its fears to help the others.  Even Baobab Tree came up with a grand idea to save the animals.  Throughout the fiery crisis, poor Kudu struggled with fear, but finally was able to THINK BIG and rescue Mama Bush Baby and her baby.

The author includes a section at the end of the book to help understand the concepts and catch words used in the story.  Kronenberg’s website includes some hands-on activities to follow up the book.  Proceeds from the sale of her book go to

David Miles created the illustrations for THINK BIG.  His use of light really brings the story to life.  See more of his illustrations in the gallery of his website.

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