Monday, March 2, 2020

I Am Awesome!


In a beautiful place called Goodland, filled with all kinds of fascinating inventions and good inhabitants, called followers, lives the Inventor.  He is responsible for fashioning all the beautiful, good things there. 


The Inventor is most proud of his followers, who live throughout Goodland. Two of them, Grace and Zeal, are inseparable.  One day they chance upon someone they had not met before.  Greeting her by asking how she is, they are surprised with her response, "I AM AWESOME!"  All the followers in Goodland think of themselves as good.  Grace and Zeal thought she must be confused.  They had never met anyone awesome before.  


It takes a trip to the Inventor to learn that he views his followers as not only good, but awesome.  He goes on to explain to the pair that he created them with an awesome purpose and he expects them to be awesome.  Then the friends realize they, too, are awesome.


This sweet story is a picture of God's love and the purpose He has for each of us.  It's told in a way that youngsters can grasp those important concepts. 



Author Ryan K. Maule has been a motivational speaker for 15 years, helping people realize the importance of having a God-powered confidence.  He and his wife were shocked to learn from her kindergarten teacher their daughter was struggling with a poor self esteem that was impacting her academically and socially.  Searching for a way to take the concepts he was teaching adults and put them in a form his young daughter could grasp led him to create I AM AWESOME!

 L. M. Phang provided the lovely illustrations for this book.


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