Friday, January 3, 2020

Fly, Fly Again

Jenny has always wanted to fly.  Although her many attempts to do so were not successful, she never gave up.  She studied her pet red-tailed hawk to learn more about how flight works.  When her latest aeronautical creation crashed in her neighbor Jude’s back yard, she teamed up with him to rework her design. They learned about pitch, roll, drift, yaw, and how lift, control, and speed play a part in getting their tiny plane to fly.  One more attempt and - - - SUCCESS!!  Of course, this inspired their next project, a rocket to Mars!

Mother and daughter Katie Jaffe and Jennifer Lawson collaborated on this entertaining story that introduces elementary-aged kids to some basic aeronautical engineering terms.  Astronaut Buzz Aldrin wrote the forward to this hot-off-the-press picture book.  Tammie Lyon’s delightfully creative illustrations add the perfect touch to Fly, Fly Again. A portion of the proceeds from this book  will be donated to UNICEF and Buzz Aldrin Ventures.

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