Friday, September 6, 2019

News Flash--Light

I was in my teacher-friend, Sharon's, first grade classroom today.  She was busy at the teacher table while children were at centers-typical first grade routines.  What was not typical was the way she gained the attention of one little guy whose noise level was a little higher than what was needed.  Without missing a beat with what she was doing, she grabbed the flashlight on her table and waved it back and forth on the little one's face.  He responded instantly and dialed it down as he got back on task.  




No need to raise her voice above the children's work noise to grab his attention.  No negativity added to scold a child into doing the right thing.  Just a silent reminder.  It's obvious she has spent lots of time during our first three weeks of school to build in procedures in a positive way.  Time spent this way early on reaps benefits all the rest of the year. 

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