Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sight Word Activity

 Early emergent readers and children who struggle to learn to read sometimes have difficulty realizing a word that starts with a capital letter is the same word as the identical word that is all lower case or is in a different font.

I made this game for a couple of my second graders who are finding remembering sight words quite a challenge.  They'll get a little fine motor practice as well.  See the rubber-tipped tongs?  I found them at Walmart.  Adds a little fun element to the game as they search for matches.

I also found at Walmart some colored laminating sheets.  Didn't know they made such.  The top layer is clear, and the bottom layer is a translucent color.  I used light blue card stock for this game.  When I was laminating, I accidentally put the colored side on top of one of the sheets.  You can see the darker sheet in the top picture.  Fortunately, it's still readable.

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