Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dynamic Duos' Birthday

Brothers Robert and Daniel San Souci collaborated on this book.

As a young boy, Robert San Souci loved to write stories.  He didn't particularly like drawing, so his younger sibling, Daniel, illustrated him.  Many years later in 1978 the brothers collaborated on their first children's book, The Legend of Scarface: A Blackfoot Indian Tale. This book won many prizes. They went on to team up on a number of other wonderful children's books, folktales and Native American stories that they both grew up enjoying.


The San Souci brothers share the same birthday-today, October 10.  Robert was born in 1946 and Daniel,  in 1948.  Sadly, Robert died in 2014 due to complication from a fall.

Daniel loved art as much as Robert loved writing.  When he was in the seventh grade, he took painting classes with adults.  Besides the books he illustrated for his brother, Daniel did the artwork for many other authors. His watercolor illustrations are so beautiful!  He has been doing some large canvases lately.




Robert's story, Fa Mulan, is a retelling of a Chinese folktale.  Disney drew on this book for their movie, "Mulan."  Enjoy the story on this video


Take the time to enjoy the San Souci brothers' talents.



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