Monday, September 17, 2018

Who's Ready for Fall?


We have a few leaves thinking about turning here in northeastern Oklahoma.  As fall edges nearer, our thoughts begin to drift toward the tastes of the season.

Porcupine’s Pie by Laura Renauld is the perfect fall book to read to PreK to third graders.  Fall Feast Day has come, and Porcupine is excited to make her famous Cranberry Pie.  She must walk to the river to wash the cranberries, so she can make her pie. Along the way she meets three different friends, who are each missing an ingredient to make their own special dish.

Porcupine displays the book’s theme of friendship as she generously offers her friends the needed items from her own home.  By the time she gets back home, however, she finds she is missing the key ingredient to her special recipe.  Because her friends return her kindness, Porcupine can make a Festive Friendship Pie.  The author even includes the recipe for the pie.  I plan to try it out as it sounds delicious!


Author, Laura Renauld, is a former third-grade teacher and makes her home in Virginia with her family.  Jennie Poh, uses fall tones and her unique illustrative style to enhance this precious story.  She and her family reside in England.

For your chance to win this delightful picture book, leave a comment with your favorite fall pie.  Check back 9/23/18 to see if you are the winner.


Kara Snider, you're the winner!! 


  1. Do I have to pick one?!
    Apple if I am in Ireland, pecan if I am in America!

  2. pumpkin pie with whipped cream!!!

  3. would love to have this book for my class---looks awesome and I love this page!!! Kara

    1. So glad you visited my blog, Kara. Your favorite fall pie?