Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Parent/Teacher Read


 I just finished reading a quite interesting book by administrator, former teacher, and mom, Katie Novak.  She does a good job of explaining the concept of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and how it differs from other curriculum designs.  

Author, Katie Novak  #katienovak

The  main thrust of UDL is creating a more flexible learning environment so that all students can experience a quality education.  It presents students many options for not only executing assignments, but in assessment as well.  This gives them a more personalized learning experience to better meet their unique needs and be able to comfortably demonstrate their accomplishments.


The text is quite readable, and Novak provides practical examples of how UDL can be used in everyday life in the family and in the school setting.  UDL promotes a growth mindset so that students from learning challenged to second language learners to gifted students to all other learners can succeed.  The book explains how parents can become more engaged in their children's learning and support their children's teachers in moving toward UDL. 



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