Friday, July 20, 2018

An Entertaining Summer Read

Surley Ogre Bike

Boy am I tired!  2774 miles in 46 days biking the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.  Actually, I accomplished this trek vicariously through the engrossing travel diary of Carrie Morgridge. 


She and her husband, John, decided to unplug from their modern world as professionals, take off from their jobs for two months, and ride the GDMBR from Banff, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. In preparation for the endurance ride, they logged 667 miles training on their Surley Ogre bikes. 

John and Carrie Morgridge

From Canada Carrie and John traveled through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado.  When they reached their destination in Antelope Wells, they make a small loop across the Mexican border and back to finish their ride.  During their journey, they crossed the Continental Divide 32 times.


I loved the descriptions of the wildlife and beautiful scenery she described all along the way.  They camped out in their tent with occasional stays in hotels and inns along the way, where they could rest comfortably and, when available, use laundry facilities.  They traveled through sunshine, rain, hail, and snow.  Sometimes the dew was so heavy, it soaked their tent, which they had to pack up after each outdoor overnight.


Their endurance was amazing to me.  In their 50s, they biked on highways and dirt paths, flat ground and very steep inclines. Some of the rocky paths were so hazardous, they had to walk their bikes.  Other times the way was so muddy they could only go a few feet at a time before having to dismount and scrape the goop from the tire spokes.  They weren’t novice cyclists before this adventure, having competed in Ironman competitions, but the rigorous daily demands of the GDMBR put their endurance to the test.  They had several side benefits of their adventure, including toned bodies, a little weight loss, and a strengthened marriage after total dependence on each other to make it to their goal.  The afterglow was a desire to slow the pace and to love life more once they had returned home. 


From a girl whose cycling experience occurred on the flat gravel driveway of my childhood home, I salute Carrie and her husband for accomplishing their incredible quest.  I was thoroughly engaged by her chronicles.  This is a fun summer read for adventurous teens through adults!

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