Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tea Party Time

My friends and I held a tea party this week featuring teas flavored with Young Living Vitality essential oils. I also baked cookies with lemon and orange Vitality essential oils.  About 20 friends attended and everyone had a lot of fun. 


What in the world are Vitality oils?  They are the twin sisters of the Young Living essential oils.  The difference is the Vitality line is label specifically for ingestion. That means you can cook and bake with them, put a drop in your beverages (Use only glass or good quality stainless steel containers for this.), put them in capsules to swallow, and/or drip a drop under your tongue safely.  They are realllllly potent though, as they are pure oils.  A little goes a long way.  When using particularly strong oils for the first time, like basil or oregano, you may want to just dip the tip of a toothpick in the oil and stir that into your dish.  Add more as needed, but with care.  You can't take it out once you've overdone it!  


I didn't have time to make sugar cookies from scratch, so I cheated and used Pillsbury cookie dough.  I added 4 drops of lemon Vitality to one batch and 4 drop of orange to the other.  They were quite tasty!

We used an assortment of teacups that my friends had and four types of tea.  You can see the directions on the chalkboard.

While half the group dined, the other half went to another room where I had set up a couple of oily DIY projects.  The two groups switched activities as they finished their first one.  The first DIY was a bath bomb crumble.  The picture on the right below shows combos of Young Living Essential Oils they might choose to scent their bath bomb crumble.   

























The other DIY was a chill-out roller.  They put a few drops of essential oil in the roller bottle and filled it with extra virgin olive oil.  Then they selected a goodie bag to hold their DIYs.

Everyone had such a good time, we're planning another one for the fall. 





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  1. Jill, this is a great idea! Your pictures don't do it justice... beautiful setting! Such an awesome way to have fun, stay cool during the summer and try some new flavors and tastes while visiting with friends.

    Let's see an Encore!! Do it for fall when the leaves are falling and the weather starts getting cool! Wonderful way to share essential oils with others. Keep up the creativity! Love your blogs!

    1. Thanks for your kind words and for your help at the tea party, Jan.

  2. Ditto to Miz Jan's comment! It was a fun and ahhhsummm evening. It was nice visiting with all the folks as well. When are you going to do that in the fall? What's next...before the fall tea?

    1. So glad you got to come, Pam. I'm thinking we'll probably do it in September or October. Will let you know. We have several fun things planned for the near future. Check my Facebook page for details, Our Essential Health.