Thursday, May 3, 2018

Warning: Don't Ever Look Behind Door 32

            I just read a delightful counting book, Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32, your 3- to 8-year-olds will love.  Two children are the very first visitors at the magical Hotel of Hoo. Their host, Mr. Nicholas Noo, gives them the grand tour of this most unusual hotel while frequently reminding them not to look behind Door 32.  They view the occupants of each room and see them become more and more strange and unusual as they proceed toward the infamous Door 32. Will they get a peek inside?

The Australian-born author, B.C.R. Fegan


            B. C. R. Fengan spins this fun tale in lilting rhyme.  I love that he has gone beyond the usual 10 or 20 enumerated in most counting books. He goes all the way to the dreaded Door 32.  Click the link above to see other books this award-winning author has written.  

Lenny Wen calls Indonesia home.


          The illustrations by Lenny Wen help to heighten the mood of mystery in the eccentric Hotel of Hoo. From monsters to ghosts to elves to mini-giants, Wen’s eerie creatures are much more friendly than scary.  


            This charming picture book is one your littles will request you read again and again.  Want this story in your personal or classroom library?  Like this post, follow my blog, and leave a comment with your name to be in a drawing to win your own copy.




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