Monday, August 21, 2017

Central Rocks !

Has the rock painting craze hit your area?  I first started noticing cute painted rocks on a Facebook page called 918 Rocks! a while back.  (918 is the area code in my part of Oklahoma.) People post rocks they've painted or those they've found.  They can choose to keep them or rehide them for someone else to enjoy finding.  


If you're not familiar with this activity, there are many groups around our state and other states as well.  There are even national groups, like America Rocks and USA Rocks. 


Our district teachers reported the 14th.  One of the team-building activities we did was paint rocks for our kids to find around our building.  We had a good time painting them, and our students are having a fun time finding them.  They get to keep the rocks they find.

  In this age of hate-filled speech and actions all around our nation, it's nice that so many people delightfully engage in this simple activity that brings joy to others.  I'd love to hear about your experiences painting or finding rocks.









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