Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Peaceful Playground

I never have posted pictures of our fabulous playground.  Now that school has been out for a full week, it's getting a breather from intense usage that has been going on since it was installed.  Through the summer, though, it won't be idle.  The community uses it for a park.

They didn't finish our playground until January.  Boy, were we ready for it.  We had been using the "dog pen," as I called it that was across the street behind our building.  They put up chainlink fence around the area last year while our new building was being constructed on the playground in front of our old building.  There wasn't much to play with.





You can see why we (kids & teachers) were so excited to finally get the new playground. On the east end is a covered area with three picnic tables and plenty of space to play in the shade.

A small grassy play area is on the left of the pavilion.

Padding is underneath the artificial turf and the blue "stream" in the equipment area.  


Several different climbing toys connect the two big slide areas.

The ramp at left connects to a slide.
Kids can slide down the pole at the left .










The slide's rollers give a different sensory experience.


Here's a better view of the climbing toys.







A walking track surround the equipment area.  I've been told ten laps around equals a mile.  Most days on playground duty I could get in a mile while  watching the kids.

 The swings can seat several kids.  The  "pushers" stand at the ends and hang on to       the ropes.