Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reflect, Appreciate, Eliminate

January 1, 2017 - Today is a great day, before the hurry, flurry, scurry of the new week/new year begins screaming at you tomorrow, to take stock of your life. Reflect on all the parts of your life-home, social, professional, and spiritual. Are you headed in the direction you want to be going in each of the facets that reflect who you are?

As you consider each area of your life, make note of all you blessings, all the positives, and appreciate them.

Now look at the negatives, the disappointments, the time suckers, the Debbie Downers. Whether these are experiences, habits, attitudes, or people, we need to evaluate whether those things can be eliminated.

Of course, some things can't necessarily be changed.  In those cases we can strive to make a better, more positive response to that negative person or experience. Try viewing it from a different perspective.  The avenue of prayers is always open to help us in those cases.

With the things we can change, we need to do so.  Whatever negativity we can eliminate in ours lives translates to a more positive life.  For instance if you've developed the habit of spending too much time surfing Facebook, you could set a timer to remind yourself enough is enough.  You'll probably want to generate a list of positive alternatives. 20 minutes of Facebook; then 20 minutes to clean out a drawer or doing step one of a new craft you've been wanting to try. 

We can easily become overwhelmed by all the negative input we get from all forms of media.  However, we can take some time each day, to create pool of peace around ourselves and our home.  Consider spending some time each day in God's word to help.  Reading 1 chapter of Proverbs each day or 5 Psalms will get you through these books in a month.

I'm praying that you will allow God's peace to minister to you through 2017.


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