Monday, August 15, 2016

The Disney World of Schools

As I begin my 45th year of teaching, I recognize how blessed I am to be at an amazing new school, Central Elementary.  It's so brand new the workers are still completing it.  For the first day we had classrooms, restrooms, and a cafeteria that were functional, so we were good to go.  


In my career I have opened three new buildings.  This is by far the most amazing of any school I have experienced.  I want to give you a tour of the building. Because there is still machinery completing the front of the building, I'll wait to post a picture of it.

The sun shines above the office area.
The street entrance is to the left
side of the picture.

This is the view across the front lobby
to the back entrance.  Above you can
see the window looking down from the
second floor.  See our cloud-shaped lights?
This is the beautiful color scheme of the building.

Life principles are scattered throughout the building.
A colorful bulletin board is by each
life principle.

This view is looking down the hall toward the K
and PreK room.  Note how the trim near the
ceiling glows.
Media Center

This is the entryway to the Commons.  The
students can slip in and wash their hands in
the restroom before going to lunch.  Notice the
girls' side is on the left in this one.

The Tree of All Seasons is in the middle of
the front lobby.  Many 1st-day-of-school
photos were taken here.  There will soon be
a wrap-around base at the base of the tree.

 The library entrance is by the word summer.
Here's a 2nd-floor view of the mosaic tile
in the front lobby.

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