Thursday, July 21, 2016

Good Parenting!!

The importance of reading to children daily from (and even before) birth cannot be stressed enough.  It is the greatest influence on a child's future academic success.

I ran across these videos today. Click here  and here.  This two-year-old's reaction to the story his mom, Shara Newell, is reading is one of sheer delight.  It's obvious Mommy has given him a priceless gift -- a love of reading.  Good job Shara!!

Such familiarity with the story did not take place after hearing it once or twice.  It took multiple readings with great enthusiasm every time to result in this little one's participation to this extent. 

So don't be discouraged, parents, when your little one asks for the same story the 29th time in a row.  Besides reinforcing a precious parent-child bond over the book, you are painlessly developing wonderful skills, such as increased attention span, listening skills, written/spoken word association, understanding story structure, vocabulary, listening and visual comprehension, etc., etc. 

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