Monday, January 26, 2015


          Twins, Maggie and Max, are not happy about Mom's summer assignment for them.  They must write about 12 different topics over the summer in a shared journal.  Not what the twins wanted to do!!
          Through the course of the summer Maggie and Max express themselves, learn at little about each other, inject lots of humor, and offer advice.  They even illustrated their entries.
          The book is a fun read your students will enjoy.  It's a good springboard into studying point of view.  Also it would fit right into a study of books written in the form of journals, diaries, and letters.
Now for the drawing directions.
Leave a comment on this post why you would like to win a copy of the book.  Check back on Sunday, February 1, to see if you are the winner.  If so, you'll need to send me your mailing address.  
 Good luck!


  1. This sounds like a great book! I love the title! I can almost imagine the kids complaining in the beginning. I'm not teaching my own class anymore, but I work with two 2nd grade teachers who I could give this to if I win.

  2. Interesting and it would be a great addition to my wife's classroom library and read alouds. She has kids who are in that phase of "we've already written about everything there is!" Aka... 4th and 5th graders. The plot is very relatable to what many of us experience in the classroom at certain times or on particular topics. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This book is a wonderful book and has endless possibilities and learning opportunities for any student. I would love to have this book as part of my future classroom library. One idea of how I would use this book in my classroom is, after reading the story I would pair my students up and everyday for a few days have the students write in a journal, alternating who writes In the journal each day, like Max an Maggie did. This activity would allow the students to get to know and understand each other better and it would also be a great writing exercise for the students.

  4. What an exciting, engaging story! My students would love diving into this book which would inspire personal creativity and passion for everyday classroom activities. Students would relate to the main characters of the story, knowing the dread of such a large assignment. Seeing and experiencing the dread, but then the turn around to the tangible effects and the self understanding in such a humorous way would inspire my students to fully engage themselves in all work, especially activities involving writing. This book could create lifetime readers and writers in my classroom.

  5. This book seems to be very fun and creative! I love how it can be very relatable to the students but at the same time spark their creative juices. It reinspires then for creative new writing styles, techniques and ways ways to new ways to express themselves. This a great book to introduce or reinforce perspective to the students. Not only the perspective of the twins but of the mom. They could mimic the assignment of the twins or even explore other creative ways of writing using the book for as inspiration. I cannot wait to use this book in the classroom and come up with fun activities for students and future lessons :)

  6. This book would be a great addition to my library. The characters would be relatable to the students in my class. I would like to win this book because I believe that it would inspire students to enjoy writing. They will be able to see through this book that writing doesn't have to be based on a topic that a teacher or parents choose. Topics can be chosen by the students themselves and they can use their imagination to make their story come to life. This book will inspire students to see writing in a new light and start to enjoy writing again.