Friday, October 10, 2014

Inside Recess

What do your students do if it is raining during recess?  If your students stay in the classroom and play games and such, here's an idea for a different activity.


It's such a shame paper dolls fell out of fashion.  They provide a quiet, pleasant pastime and great fine motor development.  Plenty of imagination can come into play as the dolls become characters in stories.


I thought this was a clever idea to use the child's picture for the head.


The age span is wider than you think for this kind of activity.  Prek-kinder will do better with precut paper dolls on cardstock weight paper.  Magnetic paper dolls are another genre of paper dolls good for PreK through early grades.  They can be stored in a metal gift card tin.  See the tutorial here.  

As children become more skilled with scissors, they can cut out their own dolls and clothes.  Below is a set of Archie comic book character paper dolls.  I can remember my girl friend and I enjoyed designing clothes for teen paper dolls like the ones below.

Where I am today, it's a rainy, paper doll kind of day.


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