Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giants in the Land: The Way of Things

Did you have giants in your life who trained you, encouraged you?  As you matured and gained skills in various area, did you notice those giants retreated as you stepped forward in your life?  That is the way of things.


Author Clark Burbidge weaves a tale of long ago in which an unlikely hero learns much about himself as he struggles to overcome his fears and doubts to accomplish a task much bigger than himself.  Thomas is the only volunteer for a dangerous quest to save his village and bring back the giants who had always helped them.  Unsure of whether he will even survive the arduous journey, Thomas comes to learn much about himself and life in general.


If you're looking for that special birthday or Christmas gift that will engage and inspire, this is it.  This is a good, clean (rated G) read with plenty of adventure.  Young people, especially boys from 5th grade on, can relate to the life lessons Thomas learns.  You'll enjoy reading it yourself before you give it away! 

Giants in the Land is a two-book series.  I've tempted you a bit with the review above of the first book, The Way of Things.  As soon as I read the second volume, The Prodigals, I'll tell you about it as well. 


  1. Thank you for the thoughtful review. I hope you enjoy book two just as much. Book Three will be available in May 2015. Best Regards, Clark Burbidge