Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Bell Rings Without Me

Today is the first First Day of School I haven't had since 1956!  I began school as a shy little girl at Southside Elementary with Emma Hayes as my teacher.  I returned 15 years later to that very school room for my first First Day of School as a teacher.  Last May I completed my 43rd year of teaching and my last Last Day of School.


I have no regrets about not being involved in the back-to-school flurry of preparation.  It was nice to sleep until 7:00 and have a leisurely breakfast in my pajamas.  It just amazes me that more than four decades have passed since I began teaching.  It sure doesn't seem like it.


I retired, but God re-tired me, put new tires on me and gave me a new ministry.  I still get to teach, but I don't need a lesson plan.  Having long been interested in all things natural, organic, and healthy, I was delighted to discover Young Living essential oils, the purest on the market.  I teach classes on health and wellness, showing people how to how to incorporate these oils into their everyday life.




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