Thursday, June 19, 2014

So much has occurred since my last post:  the usual end-of-the-year flurry of activity, dispersing 43 years of "archives," final all-school faculty breakfast and service awards.  It doesn't seem like I've served students for that many years.  It has been a very satisfying calling, and it's strange to think about being retired.


Actually, I am re-tired.  God has given me a new calling and put new tires on me to continue teaching--to a new audience and new topic.  


It seems I've reached the age the warranty has expired on my body.  Naturally, I'm very interested in holding it together and even thriving during the next phase of my life.   I discovered Young Living Essential Oils and am so excited to share their benefits with other health-conscious people.  

 You'll still be getting teaching ideas and information on my site, but I'll tuck in some useful "oily" fact for you as well. 




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  1. Hi Jill! Congrats on your retirement. I'm very happy to read this post......I too am now retired. It's a weird feeling, but as soon as I finish packing up my room, I know I'll be ready for the next challenge! Good luck to you.
    Second In Line