Monday, March 17, 2014

Did you wear your green today?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I knew I had a great-grandmother who was born in Ireland.  However, I was pleased to learn this week I'm officially 27% Irish, according to my DNA results I just got back from  

Dad's side of the family is mainly from all parts of the British Isles.  Mom told us her family was Scots-Irish, English, and Dutch.  I was really surprised to find out I'm also 9% Scandinavian!  Didn't have a clue!!  I'd love to know more about that branch of the family tree.

Are any of you Wagoneers or Wagon Watchers Irish too?  Leave a quick message to let me know and tell me where you live.



  1. My dad's side of the family came from Ireland. There was a name change at some point where the dropped the O' off the their last name which is now Donnelly.

    1. I'm "delighted" to hear about your family, Delighted. In what part of the U.S. or world do you live. Have you ever had the opportunity to visit Ireland? That's my dream trip!


    2. Of course, Delighted. Just remembered your an Oklahoman, too. :-)