Saturday, January 25, 2014

My TV Soapbox

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Very carefully chosen, television can be informative, entertaining, and beneficial for children.  In excess, like many things, TV overdose in not a good thing. This recent study indicates what happens to the brain.  It's worth a read, parents.

Another study reveals the negative impact of excessive screen time on attention span.  This includes TV viewing as well as playing video games.

PBS has an article summarizing numerous research studies on the impact of TV on children under age 3.

Then there's the screen time-obesity link.  Check out this study.

Bottom line, in MHO?  Parents, not their children, should be the decision makers on when, how much, and what type of TV viewing is allowed at home.  It does make a difference in the classroom.

My apologies for a second post today.  This was yesterday's post that somehow didn't publish when I clicked the button.

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