Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Class


 Yesterday afternoon was the first class of this semester for the Children's Literature course I am teaching at ORU.  It was so good to be back on campus.  There are so many improvements to the campus and particularly to the Curriculum Materials Center where I teach the class.

I had previously taught there nine years ago for a period of 12 years.  It was definitely a growing experience for me professionally and spiritually (It's a Christian university.), and I have many fond memories of my time there.  


I left to return to public school because I felt out of touch with what was going on in schools.  You don't gain a full understanding  as a professor just doing  student teacher and entry year teacher observations.  Tremendous changes had taken place in public schools during the decade I had been teaching at ORU.  I felt like I wasn't bringing my teacher candidates the most current information about the "real world" of teaching.  "Back in the olden days when I was teaching . . . ."

I told my 2ndies about teaching the class and had them write letters to them, telling them how important reading good books to their students it is.  They also made suggestions of good books to read.  My teacher candidates loved them and wrote back.  I can see a lot of good back-and-forth learning that can take place this semester as they continue these exchanges.


  1. Good on you for heading back to the classroom to "keep it real". I think that in a always changing field like education most of the undergraduates education instructors/profs should be classroom teaching as well as teaching in the university setting.

    1. My 9 years back in the classroom have been very helpful for me, Sandi.