Saturday, January 11, 2014

6 for Saturday Linky

It's that time again.  Do a blog post about your 6 favs this week and link up here.


1.  A Writing Idea - I couldn't find a website link on Pinterest for this image.  Managed to come up with this link, though I didn't find it on her blog.  I did, however, find a lot of good ideas on Kim's blog.  Check it out.

My Heart Map. Students create a heart map in their writer's notebook as inspiration for their writing. 3 important people, 3 hobbies, 3 important places, 3 memories, and 3 important things. They will always have something to write about for a personal narrative.  (This could also be adapted for a valentine or a Mother's Day card.)


2.  Another Writing Idea 

windy day - could have students write about what happened when the wind blew the hat off
Students write about what happened when the wind blew the snowman's hat off










3.  Here's a clever storage idea.  Scroll down to Trick #5 to find this one.

Storing cards in travel soap containers from dollar tree

                                          Store cards in travel
                                         soap containers from   
                                         Dollar Tree.


 You'll find Jessica has many good ideas on her blog.

4.  Wouldn't it be fun to take you class out on a snowy day to do this?

Mr. Potato Head Snowman - a fun outdoor winter activity for kids. (happy hooligans)

Books that teach important lessons. What book would you add?

5.  Books, Books, and More Books   


 I always like the books collections posted on Pinterest.




6.  I always include at least 1 non-school pin.  Plus, I L.O.V.E. dragonflies.  Soooo, here is one of Chris' beautiful photographs.


  Don't worry if you missed linking on Saturday.  6 for Saturday on Sunday works as well.

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