Saturday, November 9, 2013

6 for Saturday - Join In!!

I found so many good pins this week. 

When you have over 40 years worth of archives, storage is always an issue.  I found this useful pin at Kindergarten Schmindergarten.  Vanessa has lots of good classroom pictures on this post.


Wouldn't it be fun to have a flock of these fact family birds on an interactive bulletin board?  Check out Cara's blog, The First Grade Parade, where this critter roosts.

fact families 

I'm always on the lookout for games for my math garden.  This one I found on Renee's blog, Grade One Reading Corner.


Everyone needs lots and lots of different ways to practice plain old flashcards to ingrain those basic facts.  The clever idea is on Jessica's blog, First Grade Nest.

flash cards in a mini photo album-teacher tipster                                 

Saw Lee Reich on a gardening show on TV, giving a tour of his weedless garden.  I was so intrigued with his techniques, I ordered his book.


Isn't this just adorable?  Caramel dipping sauce with a selection of crisp apples.  Of course you'd need to dip your apple slices in 7-Up and drain them before arranging them on the plate. Check out Jo and Sue.