Saturday, October 26, 2013

6 for Saturday Pins and Pancakes

Good Saturday morning to all my Wagoneers and Wagon Watchers!  I want to share a half dozen of my favorite pins for the week, in no particular order. 

Fall Party Food Craft-Apple made with Rice Krispies.           

1. These Rice Krispies Treats were made as apples, but wouldn't they make cute pumpkins too?

                                                                            2. Do your students know this traditional nursery rhyme?  Visit artist, Scott Gustafson's website for some breathtaking artwork like that above.   


made from a book

3. Made from a book.  How fun!  Visit Kara's website for a tutorial.


4. I love anchor charts. Of course, in my Learning Garden I call them Seed Packets.  I'll be making this retelling anchor chart this weekend.  Although I followed the link given on Pinterest, I couldn't find the chart pictured anywhere.  If anyone knows the creator of the chart, please let me know so I can give that person proper credit.

Vintage children's games - Pick-up Sticks

5. Vintage children's games - Pick-up Sticks.  These were a staple of my childhood.  So many children's games back-in-the-day developed fine motor control and eye-hand coordination: jacks, tinker toys, Lincoln logs, marbles, sewing cards, dressing baby dolls, and later Barbie dolls, paint-by-number kits, coloring books, as well as those you colored by painted the dots on the pictures with plain water.  Do children have that many similar activities/games that help develop those important skills? 

6. This is an eye-opener!  Lack of naps in early childhood can disrupt a child’s brain maturation and their memory, according to researchers.  This article is on a very interesting website.

On another


I'm on a quest, a recipe quest.  I want to make PANCAKES that are light as a cloud.  I've tried more than a few, but haven't found the perfect one.  Does anyone have a tried & true favorite you use and love and would like to share with me?

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