Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Survey

A cloudless azure sky.  Perfect temperature--not too cool, not too warm.  Sunlight streaming through not-yet turning leaves. Wanting to spend some quality time taking in this fall serenity from my patio.

Realizing *sigh* my lesson plans won't create themselves. Back to the computer I go.

Now, tell me about your Sunday afternoon.


  1. Spent the morning with the family at church... afternoon with my kids at the school playground :-) and evening in bed resting overnight work shift!! beautiful day !!

  2. I spent the day doing school stuff and laundry. Not very exciting.

  3. I don't think my day is as poetic as yours. LOL.... Day spent with church, doing lesson plans and helping my own kids with homework. Head full of everything that needs to be done this week. Taking a deep breath and preparing to do it one. day. at. a. time....