Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday TA-DAH!!! and Welcome Wagon

I've finally accomplished something this summer and just had to share.  My church had lots of western-themed decorations left over after VBS.  Of course, I volunteered to find classroom use for it.  I contacted our computer lab teacher and got permission to decorate the lab.  

And now . . . 

Welcome to Tech-sus

Thanks to the simplicity of SkyDrive, I was able to embed this slideshow.  Hadn't done this before.  Yea, me!!

Now for more good news.  My wagon train is 2 wagons longer. Wagoneers and Wagon Watchers, meet Karen of All Smiles in Second Grade.  She'd love to have you follow her cute new blog.  Another new Wagoneer (and new blogger) you'll want to check out is Christina of Cowan's Pre-K Caterpillars.  It's so nice to have you ladies join us!!