Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Important Announcement

I haven't abandoned you, blogworld!!!

All-consuming computer dilemmas caused me to have a blogging blackout.  During that time I missed my birthday freebie AND my first blogiversary.  Oh well, I'll catch up soon on that.   I have some very IMPORTANT news to tell you.

The destruction this past May of the two Moore, Oklahoma, elementary schools caused me to think about what I would do if my entire archives of 42 years of teaching were suddenly gone.  What a huge professional loss those teachers felt on top of the personal tragedies of their own homes, families, friends, etc.  I began to hatch an idea to help.


On Tuesday, August 6, I am hosting a make-it, send-it workshop called Helping Hands for Moore Teachers.  It is open to adults in the general public and teachers in the Broken Arrow/Tulsa area.  Following are the details.


When: Tuesday, August 6; 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm; Come and go.

Where:  Forest Ridge Baptist Church; 8300 S. Oneta Road, east of Broken Arrow OK 74014; 918-357-1498.

Bring: Your own scissors; snacks or sandwiches to share; a friend or two.

Teachers:  Bring materials already run off from freebie sites on the Internet, such as TPT, Teacher's Notebook, and many others.  Bring things you like for your grade level or subject area.  You can even bring a whole carload of buddy teachers!!


We will color, cut, assemble, and laminate the materials, label them with the grade level and, hopefully, fill many boxes with finished products.  Materials are needed for grades PreK - 6th, music, art, PE, and special education.  We will have on hand to work with crayons, colored pencils, markers, card stock, index cards,  file folders, and clear Contac paper.


I hope those of you in this area of the state will come join us, loaded with goodies to make and send.  I'd love to meet you and have you help us help Moore teachers.


 If you live out of the area and want to participate, please email your items to my blog email.  Should you prefer to snail mail finished items as your way of helping, please send them to the church address above c/o Helping Hands for Moore Teachers.

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