Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday on Saturday

Late--but didn't want to lose out on this fun Friday linky.  Join the fun with The First Grade Parade, where you'll get all the directions.

1. Math

First Week Back - How I use math.
from Linda @ Around the

What a fun way to begin the year with math.  

2. Reading

a whole youtube channel where classic childrens stories are read outloud.
A Mercer Meyer channel on YouTube

Lotsa Little Kritter Videos and more!

3. Class Management

You 2ndie teachers know how well our cherubs can point out the flaws in their fellow classmates so you'll see how wonderful they are.  This is a great chart to kick off that discussion first thing in the year. 

From Amanda @ Mrs. Terhune.blogspot

4. Games

lady bug tic-tac-toe
Made by Alecia @ Chicken Scratch NY

Ladybugs and bumble bees!  Wouldn't your students have fun helping to make these?

Now if your playground only had a stump.  Oh, wait!  Here's another idea.

Fun Family
Made by Linda @ It All Started With Paint

5. Crafts

I love old canning jars.

Now it's your turn to have some fun sharing Pinterest favs.   

   1.  Leave me a comment if you saw something here you liked.  

2.  Go to Cara's The First Grade Parade and follow her directions. 

Can wait to see everyone's pins!

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  1. I love the anchor chart! I will be using that the first week.

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