Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday and Welcome Wagon

I'm linking up with Cara at The First Grade Parade for her oh-so-fun Favorite Pins Friday.

1.  I found a new recipe for homemade bubble juice I want to try.  Use a dispenser-type laundry soap jug to store it in.  Makes for easy refills when kids run out in their individual container they're using.

12 cups water 1 cup Dawn  dish soap  1 cup cornstarch 2 TBSP baking powder An important note: the mix ends up looking really watery, not the syrupy-type of texture that store-bought bubbles are like...but we have always been amazed at the bubbles produced.

2.  Jivey of Ideas by Jivey came back from a Summer Literacy Institute just bubbling over with great ideas.  She presented 3 sessions herself and got to hear The keynote speaker's inspiring presentation.  Below is what Jivey said.

"The first day, our keynote speaker was Dr. Marcia Tate, author of the books, Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites. She is all about using engaging instructional strategies to teach, and so am I! None of her strategies are "new ideas" to me really, but she was so positive and uplifting as she went through her presentation, it really pumped me up to ENSURE I use these strategies even MORE in my classroom."

I'll want to put a copy of this in my planning area.  

3.  This clever storage idea came from Miss Brown at Teaching Takes Heart.  Once I find those on-sale 10-cent folders, I'll be making these!  Velcro dots hold them closed.


4.  While Jamie made this as a card, I can see it working splendidly for a matching game in my classroom. Her website is Cute Cards and Crafts by Jamie.

5.  Finally, I'm including this pin just because I love God's beautiful creations.  You'll find this pic and more at


Saving the best for last, here comes the Welcome Wagon.

A big old HELLO to Leslie of  Fifth Grade Way of Life and to Delighted of First Grade Delight. Both of these ladies are Okie bloggers like I am!!  As they say, birds of a feather . . . .  Make sure, Wagoneers and Wagon Watchers, you head right over and check out their blogs.

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  1. OOOOO - lovin' those pouches made from 10 cent pocket folders! I am making these for sure - thanks for the inspiration!