Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Suggestion

I was reading Sandy's blog post today @ Soaring Through Second in which she mentioned the bus trip with 60 2nd graders.  Her self photo is cute.
When we take a 2nd grade field trip, we get to use 2 buses.  It's a tradition that the class who rides with my class is given a challenge.  The contest is the class who has the most kids asleep by the time we get back to school is the winner.  Ready, set, GO!

That 2nd grade competitiveness kicks in, and usually almost everyone either falls asleep or is pretty still and quiet.  Rarely has anyone ever asked what the winner gets.  They just like the idea of trying to beat the other class.  Sometimes some kids have a hard time settling in, so one of us will comment loudly/dramatically to the other, "Oh, Mrs. B (or Dr. S) I think my class is winning already.

Everybody wins in this competition.  The kids get to rest.  The teachers have a nice quiet ride back to school.  The bus driver LOVES us.   It's worth a try!!

Please leave a comment with your tried-and-true methods of keeping your little field trippers well behaved on the bus.


  1. Hi Jill, Check out my most recent post on our field trip to see what we do.

  2. Love your ideas for on-the-bus learning time, Patty! I'll have to try those next year for the trip TO the field trip site.