Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PSA: "Back to School with a Healthy Smile"

Attention Oklahoma Parents:  

Mark your calendar for July 31st. 

There is a NEW Oklahoma Dental Association program providing free dental screenings to elementary school children just before they go back to school. This event will help Oklahoma elementary school children and parents gain knowledge about their child’s current dental health in hopes to improve their oral health and academic performance in the classroom.  

The dentists listed on the ODA web page are a part of the "Back to School with a Healthy Smile" program.  Contact a dentist on this list who is in your area and make an appointment for your child's screening on July 31, 2013.  If you don't see your dentist on the list, call and ask if s/he will be participating.                   

Book your appointment right away.  I'm sure spaces will fill up fast!

1 comment:

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