Monday, May 20, 2013


This is the second day of major storms in Oklahoma.  Right now my family and I are awaiting the storm system that cause major damage in Moore, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City in the center of the state.   A mile-wide tornado decimated an area of that city.  The students at the 4th-6th grade center that was hit are all accounted for.  Another school there with K-3rd was devastated, but we haven't heard that they've found those children yet.  

In 1999 Moore was hit with an EF 5 tornado (over 300 mph winds and much destruction) which caused millions of dollars of damage and the total destruction of hundreds of homes and businesses.  It was so powerful, it sucked the grass out of the ground and completely leveled homes to the foundations. They are telling us today's tornado has caused greater damage than the '99 tornado. It's so horrible they are going through this again.

The latest word is 7 children at the school are dead and 24 are still missing. Just received word from my daughter's friend in Moore 75-100 head of horses died at a horse training center there in Moore.


  1. Thanks, Nicki. They're going to need so many prayers with the reports of the lost of so many little ones.

  2. This is so heartbreaking. I feel guilt and relief all at the same time.... SO VERY GLAD it didn't hit us. But feel guilty for saying "YAY, WE'RE SAFE" ... I almost feel like it sounds like I'm saying "nanny nanny boo boo"- I'm OBVIOUSLY not saying that, but the gamut of emotions is crazy in Oklahoma right now!

  3. Rachel, I know just how you feel. I can't seem to unglue myself from the news reports, but I get so sad and upset watching it. Since I can't be there to help, I find myself praying for all involved. They're not only going to need physical and finanacial help, but will need counseling as well. After the experiences they've lived and will be living for a long time, they'll not doubt have some PTSD issues to work through. Not only the victims, but all the responders, volunteers, and reporters as well!

  4. Prayers are being lifted all over for the people of Oklahoma. Long road ahead for so many. :( My last experience with the storms in OK was the one in May of '99. Spent much of the late night hours in the tunnels under ORU with a 3 month old (and dogs in the car!).