Friday, April 12, 2013

f-ANT-astic Friday

First, I want to congratulate one more of my cherubs who reached 100 AR points.

The Learning Garden (my class) is now the proud owner of an ant farm--actually 2 of them.  Thanks to a DonorsChoose grant, we received ants, ant books, a heavy duty stapler, and a portable projection camera.  We're keeping a journal, documenting what we do to set it up and maintain it and of their observations.  Here are some pics so far.

Note the tubes that connect the two farms.  The ants seem to use the tubes to rest in.

You can make out the beginnings of a tunnel.
Busy, busy workers.  You can see the middle one carrying some sand.
The worker on top is depositing a grain of sand.


  1. Love the ant farms! Xander says, "I wish I could hit 100 AR points so Mrs. Lee would take my picture!
    (he's at 79)

    1. The ant farm is the hot spot of interest in the room right now. Stop in and look at it next time you're in the building, Rachel.

      Xander, you can do it!! Keep reading.

      Dr. S.

  2. Wow, 100 points! That's awesome! Love the ant farm! I wish I could harness the huge carpenter ants that I find in my printer, my paper drawers and my art boxes!! It would be so much nicer to watch them through glass, than to have them scatter everywhere whenever I open a box!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. Yes, I'd definitely like them contained!! lol