Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

A horrific tragedy struck our school district Monday morning when a young man took his life at the ninth grade center.  While I didn't know him, I am so saddened by his desperate act.  The impact of such an event is wide-spread.  From the students and staff in that building, to the administrators who have done an exceptional job through this, to the emergency personnel who responded so quickly to the call for help, to the parents who came frantically to pick up their children and whisk them to safety, to the counselors and local ministers who have stepped into offer support, to our little rural community as a whole, and especially to the boy's family, all have been shaken to the core.  We're changed forever.

 Long after the rabid media have finally let this news rest, the hurt and scars will remain.  The road to emotional healing will be long and rocky.  Please pray for all those mentioned above.

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