Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Survey

Were you a marble hound with rusty knuckles back in the day? Today while cleaning, I ran across a cat's eye marble.  It brought back a childhood memory about marbles.  My brother and his neighborhood friends all shot marbles and each had his own bag full of assorted marbles.  Raisin Bran cereal boxes contained a (or maybe 2 or 3, I can't remember.) cat's eye in every box.  My brother couldn't wait to dig it out and add it to his collection.

Funny thing is no warning was included with the marble to warn against the dangers of a child swallowing or choking on the marble.  There wasn't even an age limit specified!  How in the world did my generation survive? Of course, in those days it was a social expectation that parents pay attention to their kids and issue their own warnings as needed.

My husband loved playing marbles as a kid and taught our son to play as well.  Names of some of the other kinds of marbles were steelies, agates or aggies, and clearies.  The shooter marble was larger and also called a taw or tall.  If you know any more marble lore, please leave a comment and enlighten us. Let me know if you have played.

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