Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Think back over the last year's news-making events.  Whether in local, state, national, or world headlines, there is always plenty of disasters, suffering, and need. Does it ever overwhelm you?  How in the world can you possibly do enough to make any difference?  Where would you even start?  Many of us react with a lack of reaction.  If I can't do for everyone, then I can't really justify doing for just one.

I happened to catch a portion of one of Pastor Andy Stanley's sermons the other day.  He was addressing this very topic.  I loved his take on the problem.  "Do for one what you can't do for everyone."  Rather than being paralyzed, be purposeful about a single situation or individual.  Pour into them (or it) what you would like to do for all those situations that tug on your heartstrings.

That quote really sang for me, as it is something within everyone's grasp.  I can't impact my state's test scores or right all the wrongs of failing big-city school systems across the nation.  However, I can give my utmost to the students in my one classroom.  I can't counter all the harsh criticisms of educators and education by so many in the media and in the legislatures.  It's certainly within my power to shoot an email to my state or national legislators to let them know what is going right in my school and in my district.

That quote reframes my thoughts and gives me a new sense of empowerment.  What can you do for one that you can't do for everyone?


  1. Wow. Love this post. I love the teaching of Andy's dad Dr. Charles Stanley. I think about this type of stuff all the time and I think about how Jesus said that we will always have the poor among us or that we will have troubles in the world (of course he also tells us to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world John 16:33). For a long while I was torn about what impact I could really make, but through prayer and scriptures I realize that I just need to trust God, obey Him and leave the results up to Him.

    On a lighter note, you've got some useful stuff on your blog. I just finished my masters program in elementary education and thankfully snagged a job as a para in Kindergarten this semester. I love the Lining Up song! I will definitely implement this (as soon as I'm over this cold! LOL)

    Sorry for the long reply. Thanks so much for some good reads in the blogging world.


  2. I love to listen to Charles Stanley too.

    Congratulations on completing your degree! (Big whew!!) God has your classroom all lined up for you. Enjoy your time of preparation in your current job. :-)